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Alfredo Olivas - La Mejor De Las Historias (Official Video)

Undoubtedly, a movie as great as 'The Godfather' has more powerful phrases than these first words uttered by a secondary character in the darkness of Don Vito Corleone's office. But, if we think about it, these two short sentences could not better define the spirit of a portrait of the Mafia as the one filmed by Francis Ford Coppola in the 70's. And the scene was unforgettable!

I could already smell it and feel it.... What a mess was made in almost ten hours of footage in Middle-earth! Peter Jackson decided to start his great trilogy based on the books of J.R.R. Tolkien with this mystery and the seductive voice of Cate Blanchett.

In this case, a single word. Now, a very powerful word, capable of containing a story, a feeling, a mystery, a thousand memories. Orson Welles filmed what is considered one of the best films in the history of cinema, and rightly so! In its opening scene, Kane's death (it happens at the beginning, it doesn't count as a spoiler!) and this enigmatic word triggers an investigation and a masterful return to the past.

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When Your Eyes Look at Me (Back in the First Row)

However, he said, Cuba is already a country with a narrative corpus of novels written by different generations and authors of diverse origins that allows us to ensure the existence of a recent novelistic.

Among those that delve into the past, he cited La vida y obra de Seboruco by Alfredo Zaldívar from Matanzas, Agua de Paraíso by Alberto Marrero from Havana and Las puertas de la perversión by Mariela Varona from Holguín.

He said that there is a big problem of not being able to complete a corpus due to the lack of knowledge of those that are being written outside Cuba that do not reach the island due to the lack of management of the institutions to create a fund for them.

He emphasized the return of the Cuban novel to the pre-revolutionary past far from the clichés of nostalgia of a glamorous island in which the terrible actions of the Batista dictatorship, such as gouging out the eyes of a prisoner, were being forgotten.

An amusing treatment of the picaresque stood out in Arturo Arango's No me preguntes cuándo and in the aforementioned El viaje circular by Reynaldo Montero. Both novels, which are set in the theme of emigration, differ from those written in the nineties in that they take on the theme with humor and as a literary matter, almost like adventure novels.

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Joaquín Sabina - Nos Sobran los Motivos (Live Performance)

Yes, the circular figures, the circular language of the aliens is metaphorical, but what difference does it make? Besides, for a movie in which the aliens are good, what's the point of making it even more so?

This is perhaps the easiest ending to sum up: Ava knows perfectly well that she's playing chess, she's not just playing chess. The end. You got it. There's a quote midway through the movie that gives us the key we need to unlock the door to the final meaning. Caleb comes to tell Nathan that the true intelligence, the one that is capable of surpassing the human being, is that of the machine that playing chess, not only always wins at chess, but also knows that it is playing chess. It doesn't say it like that, but that's what it comes to say. Of course, Ava is not in love with Caleb. She uses him so she can escape. No, this movie is not about love. Unless it's about the love of life, of freedom. Then, well, yeah, I'll give you that.

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And we think the key is in the characters that this glow absorbs, in what kind of people heed its call. Just think about it for a moment. All the characters are there of their own free will, no one is forced to get there, and none of them are heroes (they are not heroines), but they are also all 'broken toys'. Could it be that the end is a reflection on entropy, on how once something is broken it is impossible to return to its previous state? Or on the passion of human beings for self-destruction, both at a collective and individual level? The glow is synonymous with destruction. What attracts the characters to self-destruct? Cells, all our cells, are doomed to mutate, to age. What makes us want to accelerate that process? I don't know, maybe.