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⇒| The nights are long because you are not with me. On this day that you are so far away, I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart that you are the best thing I have. Sleep well my princess, I will never stop loving you.

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Shakira, Ozuna - Monotonía (Official Video)

Couple: George O'Brien and Janet Gaynor, a young marriage that falters, but resists because of the purity of their love.their love is special because: it is true, even though there are external temptations and considerable doubts in the air.

Couple: Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert, the funniest couple in classic cinema.Their love is special because: it emerges little by little and unexpectedly, going from hate to love in an anthological 'road movie'.

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Couple: Stefan and a stranger, because that's how he remembers her.Their love is special because: although it is bitter, it shows how much a person can feel and how forgetting is the worst torture.

Couple: Ana and Joe, who are in Rome for a most enjoyable vacation.Their love is special because: it transcends any kind of social class, and, although it falls short of duty in the end, it is a connection they will never forget.And what is love but that very thing?

Couple: Jules and Jim and Catherine.Their love is special because: it goes beyond romanticism, clichés or Hollywood stories, to show a more cross-cutting and deeper love between three people.

Conjunto Primavera - Love Love Love

Welcome to my collection of the best motivational quotes. We all need motivational messages from time to time. Especially on those days when everything seems a little harder. And here you have more than 150 motivational quotes for you to read, learn, print...

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It is true that a motivational reflection is not going to solve your life or the moment, but maybe it gives you that boost you need. After all, they are positive phrases with positive messages, and what we constantly repeat to ourselves our mind believes it.

In the collection there are several types of motivational messages: short motivational phrases, messages to motivate you in life, encouraging words for work and even driving thoughts for the gym.

There are times when we don't want to go to the gym, or we are in the gym and we don't find enough motivation to continue exercising. The truth is, results in the gym (and in life) are not usually quick. But the constancy and the day to day work will take you to the results you want.

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Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías was not only the president of Venezuela, but he became a great leader and reference in Latin America. The Bolivarian Revolution, a project of social transformation for the benefit of the Venezuelan and American people, earned him the love of an entire region that was subjected to imperial interests.

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-Every day the world is more hopeful about the Bolivarian Revolution. We cannot fail the world. The future, the salvation of this planet may depend on what happens in Venezuela, on the success of our revolution.

-We are beginning to see what the Father Liberator imagined: A great region where justice, equality and freedom must reign. Magic formula for the life of nations and peace among peoples.

"At 4:25 pm Commander President Hugo Chávez passed away. We convey to his relatives, and to all our people our sorrow. In this immense pain, of this historic tragedy (...) We call on all Venezuelans to be vigilant of peace, of respect, of the tranquility of this homeland", was Maduro's message to the Venezuelan people.