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"Gira rápidamente alrededor de una cosa, luego gira más despacio. Construye un montículo más alto que un tipo, gira rápido y luego con más calma. Levanta una cosa muy grande, ponla en el centro y gira a toda velocidad alrededor de la cosa durante muchas vueltas, luego reduce la velocidad. Hacer un montón de cosas más altas que un hombre, en el centro, girar alrededor de la cosa corriendo muy rápido, luego caminando. Construir, de una forma u otra, una cosa muy alta, antes de girar muy rápido, y luego dar vueltas". (Traducción provisional mía.)

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Amelia Biagioni, escritora argentina de mediados del siglo XX, recrea un mundo dantesco en su poemario titulado El Humo. Son innumerables las manifestaciones literarias que surgen de la Commedia. Sin embargo, la visión de Biagioni arroja luz sobre la crisis metafísica y humana del pensamiento moderno. El viaje dantesco, un viaje ascendente hacia la unión del hombre y Dios a través del cual se alcanza la plena realización, se describe tácitamente en este poemario como un viaje interior que termina con la disolución del yo individual. La aproximación intertextual a Dante, basada en palabras, imágenes y organización compositiva, se vuelve dramática bajo la influencia de diferentes filósofos existencialistas.

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Amelia Biagioni, escritora argentina de mediados del siglo XX, recrea el mundo dantesco en su poemario titulado El Humo. Las expresiones literarias que surgen de la Commedia son innumerables. Sin embargo, la mirada de Biagioni refleja la crisis metafísica y humana del pensamiento moderno. El viaje dantesco, recorrido ascensional hacia la unión del hombre con Dios que alcanza así una plenitud perfecta, en el poemario se describe tácitamente como un viaje interior que culmina con la absoluta disolución del Yo personal. La intertextualidad con Dante, construida por la escritora a través de vocablos, imágenes y organización compositiva, cobra desde esta perspectiva una dimensión dramática, con influencias de distintos filósofos existencialistas.

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benjamingriss:How many times have I run away, my love, when you embrace me and there is no other world than the one that exists in the gap between that embrace. Your arms are bridges and how can I tell you that I have always been very suicidal. But in your bridge I see hope to go on and on, and get tired by your side.Benjamin Griss (via elchicodelayer)

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We are experts at not speaking to those we want to speak to. We're experts at not speaking to those we want to speak to, at hiding what we want, at ignoring those we love, all so as not to appear fragile or look like fools; yes, we're experts.

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After her release from prison, in 2008, she fled to Beirut (Lebanon). "I had no choice. The secret service kept coming to my house and demanding that I work for them, that I spy on the Kurds. They controlled my movements. My father, who never supported my writing poetry, told me as soon as I got out of prison: 'If you want to continue writing, this is not your place: you must leave the country or you will not stay alive.'" The Lebanese capital was the first place Jan had visited outside Syria. "I thought people were watching me, watching me, spying on me. I felt I was in constant danger," he recalls.

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After arriving in Greece, Jan caught a plane to Germany, and from there, to his final destination - Denmark. As a refugee in a foreign country, knowing English made things easier for him: first he looked for unskilled work to gradually earn some money and learn Danish. Later he met his wife, who is now his wife.

Jan washes the face of pain with poetry. He wakes up with it - the marks of the whip on his body remind him of it - and with verses he slaps its face to wake it up, like a child who does not want to go to school. It is his way of imposing himself in the face of grief: "I have written hundreds of poems that are really confessions. Pain, joy, longing, horror, suffering... Sometimes I avoid writing about a specific feeling because I don't want to immortalize it. I have written a lot about prison, about torture, about fleeing and about my life as a refugee, but very few poems come to light. The rest are for me.